Space Monkey - High Percentage CBD Flowers

Space Monkey is an indica-dominant hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing Gorilla Glue and Wookie.

The aroma is pungent, funky, sour, and dank with a little sweet lavender for good measure. You'll find a few bright orange-red hairs, and decent trichome coverage on Space Monkey's small to medium, mostly round, dusty to dark green nugs.

Space Monkey CBD enthusiasts love its relaxing body high, low-key head high, and say it's great for daytime use, aches and pains, stress, PTSD, neausea, and low tolerance smokers. Those who have smoked Space Monkey also report a smooth hit with notes of sweetness, pine, citrus and lavender on the flavour.


It has a CBD percentage of 18 to 20% and the legal 0.02 THC


Available in:

250gr, 500GR, 1KG, 2KG and 3KG