COLD GEL - 240MG CBD - 50ml

Hempati’s Ice Gel contains CBD, menthol and natural extracts from 3 plants (European horse-chestnut, Indian frankincense and comfrey) which helps to relieve pain and muscle aches. The Ice Gel can be applied to legs, back, neck and extremities ito give an immediate sense of freshness and relief. Recommended for athletes or anyone who suffers from muscle pains.


All three of the plants in the Ice Gel Gel – comfrey, European horse chestnut and Indian Frankincense – help fight inflammation, oedematous and analgesics. Comfrey is known to help skin regeneration which is why it is often used to help heal wounds. The European horse-chestnut is recommended for those that suffer from varicose veins as it helps to increase the elasticity of capillaries. The Indian frankincense has natural analgesic properties making it ideal for muscle pains, rheumatism and arthritis. And finally the menthol gives the gel a cooling effect which is mildly analgesic which is ideal for overworked muscles.


The combination of these ingredients mixed with CBD which also helps to relax muscles, makes this product perfect for anyone who is in need of immediate relief from aches and pains.



CBD: 240mg
Consistency: Gel
Effects: Cooling effect to relieve fatigue and muscle pain
Storage: In a dry and dark place, room temperature
Content: 50ml