AMARRETO Café “Supremo” CBD Coffee - 10 Capsules

Discover SUPREMO , the explosive blend of a great Arabica from South America and a Robusta from Africa, all enriched with 53 mg of organically grown CBD and extracted with supercritical Co2.


AROMA: Notes of toasted almonds and chocolate


TASTE: creamy, thick and compact with a superb persistence in the mouth




Now you can consume your CBD, or Cannabidiol, daily in a way that is as practical as it is delicious with Premium coffee capsules rich in CBD, compatible with Nespresso machines.


Benefit from the stimulating effects of caffeine, without getting jittery or anxious. In fact, CBD will delay caffeine's ability to bind to adenosine receptors after the effects of caffeine have worn off.


By combining CBD & CAFFEINE, you will be more alert and more focused, longer, less anxious and more resistant to stressful situations, with sleep that will no longer be disturbed, but improved for better recovery.


CANNABIDIOL & CAFFEINE seems like the perfect combination to combat deadlines, work fatigue and give us a long-lasting boost without side effects.


  • 100% VEGAN
  • 100% ORGANIC