PURIZE Pink Rolls

You want your paper to burn slowly, be tasteless and, best of all, environmentally friendly? You can have it: Our Endless Roll offers you complete freedom in the design of your self-twisted paper and is environmentally friendly thanks to organic gumming and no bleaching!


The paper is therefore unbleached, organic and vegetarian. The natural fibres provide the light transparency and the particularly good burning behaviour. Since the paper is particularly thin, you don't have to make any compromises when it comes to taste.


Our pink endless roll harmonizes particularly well with our XTRA Slim Size activated carbon filters - available for you in the 50 and 250 version!




  • Free choice of paper size
  • High quality paper
  • Contents: 1 package
  • 14,5 g/m2


Length: 4 meters


- SOLD AS DISPLAY BOXES OF 24x Rolls of 4 meter