4 Piece Toothless Grinder 63 mm (Large) - Aerospaced by Higher Standards

The Aerospaced by Higher Standards 4-Piece Toothless Grinder features sharp blades that slice material finely and efficiently. The consistency will be powdery (and vape-friendly), allowing you to get the most out of your material. This new grinding technology makes it even easier to grind flowers: it requires no preparation of your material, like breaking it by hand before placing it into the grinder.


Aerospaced by Higher Standards offers a line of quality grinders, engineered with high precision from durable materials. All their grinders are crafted from one solid block of aircraft-grade aluminium for reliable sturdiness. The anodized finish ensures the coating will not flake in your precious herbs, or scratch away like cheaply-made grinders.


All 4 piece grinders feature an integrated pollen catcher to catch the smallest particles from your ground herbs. The included scraper will help you collect all the fine particles trapped in the bottom chamber, so you can make the most of your material.


Aerospaced by Higher Standards 4 Piece 63 mm toothless grinders are available in a variety of colours: Black, Blue, Green, Silver.


Key features:


  • 4 piece 63 mm grinder featuring a pollen catcher and bottom chamber to collect the smallest particles from your material
  • Aircraft-grade aluminium with anodized finish for a stylish and durable look
  • Razor-sharp blades produce a powdery consistency for a vape-friendly end-grind, to get the most out of your material
  • Magnetic lid to keep the content safe and prevent spillage
  • Precision-balanced head for a fluid grinding experience every time