Doctor Green Supply CBD TRIM Selection

Doctor Green Supply CBD TRIM SELECTION


Organic Trim CBD is a mix of all the "crumbs" left over from handling hemp flower buds (lemon, amnesia, haze...). They are 100% natural, with a taste rich in aromas of all kinds, since the trim is always composed of a mixture of several varieties of cannabis flowers. 


We advise you to test it, you will adopt it!


Taste and appearance of Trim CBD Bio


Because Trim is made from flower head residue, it contains a terpene profile rich in aroma and flavor. The taste may vary from one batch to another, but in general the Trim Bio is fruity and reveals a "natural" note in the mouth.


Benefits of buying Trim CBD Premium


  • 100% organic culture: pesticide-free, fungicide-free

  • Varied aromas and original flavor

  • The value for money is excellent: the price per gram is much lower than for whole flowers

  • No need to grind it, the trim is already crumbled and you just have to add it to your preparations

  • Relaxing effect, fruity and natural taste

  • Of course, she looks cool .