XTRA Slim Size in a bag of 250 pcs - Sold by Unit

The PURIZE® original: Our XTRA Slim Size filter in a pack of 250!


Our Slim Size activated charcoal filter is supplied in a resealable and practical 250 storage bag, which also offers you a price advantage over smaller packs. You can also get our 250 in all available colors: pink, organic, blue, yellow, green, white, spy and rainbow design!


Our stand-up pouch not only ensures that your filters are presented in a nice way, but also creates the best storage conditions for your filters, so they are perfectly protected from external influences.So you have something of your value pack for a long time!


Activated charcoal significantly reduces the absorption of harmful substances and gives you a cool, dry and aromatic smoking experience that benefits your lungs.


Suitable for ALL types of roll-your-own! We have also thought of making both end caps out of ceramic - so there is no need to pay attention to the direction of insertion or screwing.


PURIZE® filters are made from environmentally friendly raw materials and are "Made in Germany".


Dimensions: ø 5.9mm x 26.9mm.


Filling: Coconut-based activated charcoal.


Advantages: Suitable for all roll-your-own Noticeably milder smoking experience High quality activated carbon Best filter properties


Filter types: XTRA Slim Size (ø 5.9 mm)


Packing type: PE bag Pack size: 250s