Cream Caramel - High Percentage CBD Flowers

Cream Caramel, named after its sweet  caramel aroma, is a 90% indica  cross between BlueBlackMaple Leaf Indica , and  White Rhino. Covered in a sugary coat of CBD-rich resin, Cream Caramel delivers heavy, relaxing  indica effects that soothe the mind and body. Though originally bred by Sweet Seeds in Spain, Royal Queen Seeds have also championed their own rendition called Royal Caramel. Early October is the finish line for outdoor Cream Caramel flowers, while indoor gardens should be harvested after a 7 to 8 week flowering period.


It has a CBD percentage of 13 to 15% and the legal 0.02THC.


Available in:

250gr, 500GR, 1KG, 2KG and 3KG