Bubba Kush CBD

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If dense flowers, pungent terpenes, and relaxing effects are what you're after — it's time to grab some Bubba Kush CBD Flower.

Bubba Kush CBD hemp strain was born and bred to produce ample amounts of CBD. Ranked as one of the most potent CBD-dominant flowers for sale.

From CBD to THC-A, the Bubba Kush CBD strain provides hours of relaxation, euphoria, and a general sense of elevated wellness. Whether you need to clear your head after work or require some post-workout bliss, Bubba Kush CBD Flower will have you floating through Nirvana.

Aside from its calming effects, Bubba Kush provides ample levels of terpenes. From dark-roasted coffee to sweet pine covered in diesel fuel, Bubba Kush CBD Flowers are a treat to smell and taste.

Last but not least, our Bubba Kush CBD Flowers are cured to perfection. In other words, clean-burning flowers and smooth hits from start to finish.


CBD% 9.75

THC% 0.2