PURIZE Papes´n´Tips

Perfect for on the road and 100% plastic free!

We have created a new combi-product for you, which serves as a perfect travel companion for you and still does without any plastics!


PURIZE® Papes'n'Tips is a handy little combination of 32 King Size Slim Papers & 16 XTRA Slim activated carbon filters. Almost everything you need for a little trip. Filters and papers are protected against external influences such as water splashes.


Thanks to the well thought-out and simple handling, you always have your filters within easy reach and can start on the road without much rummaging and searching!


We pay attention to the sustainability of each component: The complete product is manufactured WITHOUT PLASTICS and is 100% organic!




  • Completely without plastics
  • Perfect for on the road
  • Protects papers and filters
  • 14,5 g/m2


Contents: 12x Papes´n´Tips in a display box